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Gamla Varvet - The old shipyard

The former shipyard is now one of Karlskrona’s most outstanding attractions and the basis of the World Heritage status. Here you will find, among relatively modern buildings, a variety of buildings and technology covering more than 300 years of shipbuilding. Visit the longest wooden building in the country, Repslagarbanan, the Wasaskjul, Polhemsdockan (dock) and Gallionslunden. There is also a tour that takes you to Lindholmen by sea. This shows you Karlskrona from the the sea side and takes you out to the former naval yard. You can only visit Lindholmen with a guided tour. During the summer there are regular tours, contact the tourist office to arrange tours at other times.
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Karlskrona archipelago - 1,650 islands & islets

Karlskrona archipelago is liberating and probably one of the most beautiful places there is! The archipelago of Karlskrona, is the southernmost of Sweden’s archipelagos. The whole city is built upon 33 islands. Without the protective ring of large and small islands surrounding the city, King Karl XI, would probably not have chosen Trossö for his new naval base. There are islands, that have from one to 1,500 inhabitants, islands with and without connection to the mainland. Look for your very own favorite spot - and enjoy - because there are plenty of them! Far out in eastern archipelago, there are plenty of exciting islands like, Inlängan, Utlängan, Stenshamn, Ungskär and Hästholmen, which offer a charming setting. The character of the islands here, differs a lot from the green inner archipelago. Far out to the southeast, lies the island Utklippan. Enjoy the unique environment and look for the seal colony, the seals really enjoy their life here. How to get around in the Karlskrona archipelago - several entrepreneurs, offer traffic in the archipelago of Karlskrona all year round.
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The Kungsholm Fortress

This fort has defended the entrance to Karlskrona for more than 300 years. Kungsholms Fort is still operational within the Swedish defences. The remarkable round harbour has become somewhat of a symbol for Karlskrona’s status as a World Heritage site. Exotic plants from all corners of the globe flourish under the protection of the fort’s walls. They have been brought here over many years on vessels returning from distant voyages. A museum on the island depicts the fort’s history. There are regular guided tours to Kungsholms Fort during the summer, visits can also be arranged for groups and individuals at other times. Regular guided tours all summer, contact the tourist office to book: +46 (0)455-30 34 90
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