Lars Nyman


A small restaurant, great food prepared out of high-quality ingredients. The menu changes every week. There is a beautiful view of the harbor entrance to Karlshamn and Kastellet. Mostly local ingredients with inspiration from the Mediterranean Sea. Often the chef carries out and presents the dishes himself. There ar plenty of seating both inside and out also known for the staff that is young, extremely professional, friendly and talented. You can also get a taste of great wine, a love for Italy but wines from all over the world. The conclusion is food with lots of love!
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Restaurant Kronolaxen

The restaurant lays in Mörrum and the middle of one of the world's best waters for sports fishing for salmon and sea trout. When you take a seat, it feels like you are one with the power of nature just because of the strength and flows from Mörrumsån right beside. Perhaps you can see a fisher in the rapids succeed in drawing up a big salmon during your stay. There is also a lovely weekend buffet, a main course with meat and fish, fresh salad buffet, dessert and a cheese plate. Coffee, water, and tea included. Finish off with a pause in front of a warming fire.
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Tjärö restaurant

A restaurant with a strong focus on sustainable cooking, valuate the environment and committed to the seafood. The restaurant takes advantage of what the sea has to offer; they use clean and straightforward flavors whether you visit for breakfast, lunch or a three-course meal with extra everything. It's a gastronomic experience to remember. It's also important that the food presents in an appealing way and provide energy and well be. The idea is to keep you alert and energetic all day. The clear conscience comes into the bargain. A kitchen that cares.
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Brasserie Fridolf

Come to Brasserie Fridolf and experience a friendly environment with a well-cooked meal and cold beer. It's a meeting place for friends and colleagues; all are welcome! The food is well-prepared, there is always a homely, a fish, and a vegetarian dish. On Saturdays, they serve a traditional buffet with cold meats, cheeses and green inlaid away from our deli counter and five to six Mediterranean inspired hot meals composed of the kitchen. Even coffee and dessert included. It's a continental cuisine with ingredients in focus, a seasonal menu, wines from around the world and beers from both small and large breweries. In the deli, you delicates like Greek olives, French cheese, Spanish sausage and fine Italian hams.
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Eriksberg Vilt & Natur

Would you like to see red deer, fallow deer, wild boar, bison, and mouflon wander freely? Then you cannot beat a visit to Eriksberg's safari park. Eriksberg is a large nature reserve in the Blekinge archipelago, where the enclosure of more than 900 hectares is one of northern Europe's largest wildlife reserves and the largest safari park in the Nordic region. Here is also abundant bird life and if you are very lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a sea eagle gliding across the water at Utsikten or Färksjön. For food lovers here is a sophisticated elegance, an exclusive hotel with conference facilities and a restaurant with the most ambitious menu and wine list in Blekinge. There are beautiful buildings, with the oldest dating back to the 17th century. On Eriksberg Nature and wild comes first, the nature as one big pantry. Meat and fish are from the farm, means you know what you eat. As natural as possible. Enjoy a healthy lunch on a weekday or a sumptuous Sunday buffet. You can also try out a five dinner course with the seasons best raw material as a starting point.
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