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Niklas Kämpargård

Art festival in Blekinge with Open Studios

One weekend every spring a selection of Blekinge artists open up their studios and show their work. Togheter with others you can spend time looking at art, enter studios and enjoy the creative atmosphere of the artist workplace. A studio maybe built from a renovated barn or an expanded part of the artist home. It is a relaxing way of experiencing art and meeting the artists personally. Cafés pop up in the gardens and you can find events and cultural happenings all over Blekinge. If you want to have a good overview of what artist to visit you can start at Kulturcentrum in Ronneby that have a collection exhibition.
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2XU Island Challenge – Swimruncompetition, 21 of july

Challenge yourself in this tough fitness contest. 2XU Island Challenge is unique swimrun competition that runs inte area of Karlshamn on a 23 km long trail. You swim and run in a team of two surrounded in the beautiful nature and coastline. The startingpoint is Eriksberg Hotel and Nature Reserve where you run thru the wild animal park countinuing to the archipelgo alternately running of 25 sections and swimming 26 sections, util you reach the finnishing line in Karlshamns harbour.
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PLX festival

The PLX society is an artist and curator group based in Sweden. PLX is associated with performe live art and passion for artist collaborations. Last years you have been able to experience the PLX Translunar on the amazing island of Tjärö every august. Artist coming from all over the world playing and performing out in the wild and creating open air. The PLX society was officially founded in 2014 but has operated for over ten years. PLX has produced a number of exhibitions and performative works.
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Blekinge Pike Festival 2018

Blekinge Pike festival 2018 will be launched during the weekend 29-30 September and attracts participants from all over Europe. This Pike festival can now count as the largest individual pike catching competition in Sweden, probably even in Europe. During Blekinge Pike festival, about 600 fishermen participate in four different starting places along Blekinge coastline. The pike is measured, photographed and then released back into its correct element again. Of course, the one who catches the longest bat wins a glorious price!
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Kayak festival at Tjärö

This is the ultimate outdoor festival for all kayak lovers. The days are filled with paddling at the sea, lectures and music in the evening. During the festival there will also be some drop-in activities, such as kayaking, paddling, forging, etc. Tjäröfestivalen is located by the organization "Öresund" with the base on Tjärö. The aim is set for a cozy arrangement with a lot of kayaking in the Amazing surroundings. The package price for the festival will include tent and food, as well as the opportunity to participate in the daily program that will be published in the spring. If you prefer to stay indoors, you can book Tjärös hotels and hostels.
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Baltic Sea Festival

A festival for four days with cultural events, music and food from around the world. There is a music competition with artists from countries around the Baltic Sea, an amusement park, and a vintage car exhibition is also a part of the range. Thousands of visitors enjoy the street life, food, trade and the atmosphere. It's a rich cultural life. Each year there are some of Sweden's hottest artist on the stage in the square. The festival parade, a significant element that goes through the city during Thursday night. This festival is a buzz of creativity with no limits. It's a magical atmosphere that night in Karlshamn.
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Hälleviks Tradjazzfestival

Imagine looking out over the sea a warm night in August listening to the tones of a smooth saxophone. That and much more is possible to experience in Hällevik at the Tradjazz festival. Every year the festival scene offers jazz bands and musicians from all over Europe. In three days there are over twenty bands playing at different stages close by. This fantastic festival entertains up to 15000 people during these days. While strolling around you can feel the sea breeze, enjoy the sandy beaches and dance to the tunes of jazz. Book an extra few days to explore the various nature in the surroundings of Hällevik.
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Killebom Sölvesborg's Festival

A festival for all ages and best of all, almost all of the arrangements and activities are free of charge. A stage in the town square gives you artists and music entertainment during the 4 days to enjoy for the whole family. Markets, small animal exhibit for Children, tivoli and a cool tournament of the middle ages is some of the things you can find here. The festival starts off with a traditional medieval market in the city center. You might want to join a guided tour throughout Sövlesborgs history, also available in an app.
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Nässelfrossa 2019

Nässelfrossa is a sparkling celebration of culture. The theme for 2019 "The ways to form". Imagine jamming 150 different cultural events into eight full days. Having the chance to immerse yourself in everything from music and embroidery to literature and magic. It is always the same time every year, but the venues varies. All over the region around Olofström, a wide variety of activities, workshops and music Entertainment creates something Worth visiting for everyone. Come, have fun and learn somethin different. Nässelfrossan takes place from 23 June-30 June
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