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Carlskrona Golf Course

Sweden's third oldest club, and it lies in the middle of the beautiful Blekinge Archipelago in Almö. There are unique features within the experience with 100% presence of the beautiful views of the sea and archipelago. The course is situated in a nature reserve which is an ancient culture built with abundant remains from the early Iron Age. With plenty of beaches around the island at a comfortable distance from the runway. It's a beautifully maintained course with the focus on quality. It features a restaurant, a shop, new fully featured swing studio, training facilities at the range. The golf course also has a campsite, cottages, and a 12-bed house.
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Trummenäs Golf Course

Trummenäs golf course offers two courses by the seaside. You can see the ocean from all the holes, a path of high class. The short course is accessible under the Pay and Play where all are welcome regardless of previous knowledge. The location in the archipelago allows playing almost all year round. The archipelago environment also affects the path - rarely rain and and often sun and wind. Excellent training opportunities with an extensive driving range. And it's good to know that Karlskrona is the sunniest city in Sweden.
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