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Just imagine, throughout the year our mountainsides are shared by berry-pickers, walkers, cyclists and skiers. Snow-covered birch trees, willow bushes and lingonberries create great forest skiing for youngsters in the winter, and are also home to real delicacies for mushroomers in the autumn. You’ll feel at home in Sälenfjällen – whether the landscape is dressed in white and your walking boots, fishing rods, bikes and canoes have been replaced by skis, sledges and snowboards, or it is the height of summer and you’re enjoying games and bathing in our lakes and streams. This is a place where children can roam freely and enjoy themselves.


Just a short distance from London, on the southern coast of Great Britain, lies the interesting and charming town Brighton. Considered to be one of the most cultured cities in the all of Europe, this seaside city never fails to mesmerise its visitors with its unique architecture, pleasant festivals, galleries, museums, drama, arts, music, spectacular outdoor activities, sparkling beaches and more. So whether you are a laid-back beach bum, an adventurer on a tight budget, or a culture buff on holiday with the family, Brighton definitely has something for you.
Antwerp, Belgium

Tasty in Antwerp: Zurenborg

Zurenborg is quite possibly the most beautiful neighbourhood in Antwerp. It flaunts its belle époque grandeur like a coquettish lady. It proudly shows surprised visitors its art nouveau façades, elegant streets and squares. But the highlight is the 19th century Cogels-Osylei: sublime architecture from around the turn of the previous century.


Bali's breathtakingly beautiful scenery makes it easy to just settle for the cliche imaginary of the island as a tropical paradise and nothing more. But behind the luxury resorts, picture-perfect rice fields and idyllic beaches lies a rich culture, steeped in tradition and spirituality, and one of the friendliest and most welcoming places you're likely to find anywhere. Dare to go beyond the comforts of the resort areas to truly explore all the island has to offer, and let yourself be rewarded with memories to last a lifetime. Denpasar is the capital city of Bali and the commercial and administrative center. Unlike other island or hinterland in Indonesia, this cosmopolitan city’s style contrasts with the calm Hindu temples, lush terrace, and beautiful beaches, makes Denpasar is worth a visit.
Antwerp, Belgium

Tasty in Antwerp: Het Zuid

Het Zuid is highly attractive to locals and visitors alike. You will find stately mansions, wide boulevards and beautiful squares there. Art lovers will appreciate the many art galleries and museums such as the FOMU | Photo Museum and M HKA | Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp. Thanks to its many well-frequented cafés and restaurants, Het Zuid is also a very popular night spot.

Denver, Colorado

Denver is a vibrant, active city at the base of the majestic Rocky Mountains. With 300 annual days of sunshine, The Mile High City is a year-round destination that combines rich Western heritage and passion for the outdoors with urban excitement. Its walkable downtown features chef-owned restaurants, brewpubs, professional sports, shopping, family attractions, arts and culture. Denver is the premier gateway to the best of the Western USA’s national parks including Mesa Verde, one of four national parks in Colorado, as well as Yellowstone in Wyoming and the Canyonlands in Utah.
Antwerp, Belgium

Tasty in Antwerp: Theatre Area

The Theatre District owes its name to the many theatres here. This is the working habitat of many directors, actors, dancers and musicians: in the pubs you can almost hear the creativity bubbling away. It’s worth a visit during the day, too, because you’ll find many fashion, antique and interior design shops here, as well as two small but beautiful museums: the Maiden’s House Museum and the Museum Mayer van den Bergh.


The majestic Faisal Mosque stands against the backdrop of the lush Margalla Hills as a symbol of a Pakistan placed firmly in the modern day, while holding on to its history and traditions. The capital city of Islamabad is a forward-thinking metropolis nestled among the green base of the Himalayas, and though it has traditionally been thought of mainly as a diplomatic city, it has recently grown to become an important business and financial centre for the region, as well as an emerging travel destination, one which, together with its neighbouring sister city of Rawalpindi, gives travelers in-the-know a taste of all sides of contemporary Pakistan.


Glasgow is the 21st-century magnet of Great Britain, with an energetic, yet sophisticated vibe. Formerly Britain's major centre of industrial prowess, it has been rapidly transforming into a booming hub for art and culture in the past decades and prides itself on a never-ending stream of up-and-coming musicians and a thriving nightlife. Glasgow is also home to many excellent modern Scottish restaurants dedicated to preserving their Scottish heritage, and some of the best shopping in the country.
Sälen, Sweden

Biking in Malung-Sälen

Salen is located in Dalarna most enterprising municipality and we are Europe's largest tourist destination. A Swedish original, dating from the time of Gustav Vasa mixed with wooden horses, grand events and pleasurable experiences. Cycling in summer mountain is something that is really fun. If you have not tried to ride in a bike park, do it! In the summer we offer extra nice flow both in the mountains, in the bike park and the roads not to mention our vast forest that offers a fantastic varied experience mile for mile. Bring the whole family or group of friends on a trip where everything from bikes, accommodation, dinner and breakfast is included. And everyone can ride at their own level, our paths and trails are built for both experts and beginners, adults and children. Warmly welcome to try your wheels in Salen!
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Bilbao, Spain

City Sightseeing By Bike

Explore the city by bike either by yourselves or as part of a guided bike tour. This is a different way to get to know Bilbao and to learn more about its culture. One of the more popular bike tours is the tour provided by the international Baja Bikes. The bike tour will provide you with a local English speaking guide and take you to all the highlights of Bilbao, such as the Guggenheim museum. It even includes a variety of pintxo's and a drink, a nice way to refresh after cycling your way through the city.
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